morning light

by Poppyfields.

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"we could lie awake at half past late
and talk about the things that we both hate
we could talk about how you prefer lime to lemon
or the time you were a vegan for six months straight

or how you hate the way people talk about tattoos
because you used to be afraid of commitment too
til you met me the flaky boy
who lived down 202

though our front yard is covered with the branches that fell in last nights storm
though its dotted with the rotted leaves
and I can't see the grass anymore
and it's not unlike our broken picture frames
or our kitchen full of shattered ivory plates
but I can still hear the ringing of the thunder through these old and aching halls

though dusk had fallen and the clouds were still around
and these hunger pains could knock a smaller man to the ground
and I got high so it's hard for me to say
the proper words to make this all okay
but if you'd see your way clear to staying here tonight
you'd see that everything looks different in morning light"


released November 8, 2015
Tristan Watson- Lead vox/guitar/percussion/bass
Alex Edelstein- Keyboards/backing vox



all rights reserved


Poppyfields. Saratoga Springs, New York

a bunch of genderqueer space pirates bringing you glitter and kitsch by the barrelfull

pitchfork calls us "a brief, yet satisfying J.O. sesh for the ears."

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